Community Yoga - Accessible and affordable yoga for everyone

Yoga in Banyule and Nillumbik


                                                   noun. a unified body of individuals

I am passionate about making yoga accessible for all ages, abilities, body types and cultural backgrounds. Yoga is for everyone. With Community Yoga, I hope to make it possible for everyone to share in the benefits of yoga together. 


Core Yoga (Beginner / Foundation) 

Core Yoga - Wednesday evenings *returning March 2018*

Core Yoga is a Yoga / Pilates fusion class that blends the dynamic flow of Vinyasa Yoga with the precise techniques of Pilates to create a dynamic experience of mindful movement and meditation in motion. Core Yoga combines breath, awareness, core strengthening and stretching techniques to strengthen and mobilise the body, calm and focus the mind, improve breathing and posture habits, and cultivate a state of active relaxation in everyday life. Suitable for all levels, and ideal for reducing low back pain, managing stress, improving posture, and building a foundation for ideal, health, fitness and vitality.

Vinyasa Flow (All levels)

Vinyasa Flow - Saturday and Sunday mornings

Vinyasa flow is a mind-body movement practice that combines dynamic flow, strengthening and mobilising techniques, conscious breathing, mindful awareness, and relaxation in a comprehensive practice that aims to improve strength, balance, mobility, and body awareness while reducing tension, stress and poor postural habits. Suited to the general population, Vinyasa flow can be modified to meet the needs of a wide range of participants, and as a non-dogmatic, non-religious practice is accessible to people of all backgrounds, cultures, faiths and beliefs.

Your Teacher

Hi! My name is Dani. I am a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher and have been practising yoga since 1998. As a teacher I have trained in Family Yoga (Hatha), Yoga for the Special Child (a program developed for children with additional needs), Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga, Core Yoga and Vinyasa Flow. I look forward to teaching you and creating a space for you to nurture yourself and be nurtured, move your body, relax and breathe.